Testimonials from care.com

Stacey S. Mother


June 8th 2022

KRISTI D. brought a tremendous amount of experience and dedication to us for our special needs son. She is a continual source of information and empathy to us all and she provides superlative care. She is highly responsive and reliable. We are beyond fortunate to have her!

Steve M Father


October 8th 2017

Kristi helped our out-of-town special needs son attend a family wedding. She was terrific at engaging and supporting him right away having never met him before. Would highly recommend her.

Tim T Father


Sept 16th, 2016

Kristi, has been engaged over the past 2 years in support of our teenage daughter; over this period Kristi serve as an integral and positive professional. We would like to acknowledge specifically that Kristi quickly created a positive relationship with our daughter; and as a result, was able to address and progress on-going development of key skills. Even more specifically Kristi developed the ability for our daughter to learn an ability to talk thru how to better manage and cope with her emotional anxiety. We continue to work with and see Kristi as a positive on-going coach - mentor and overall support professional.

Chris R School Child Psychologist


April 23, 2015

I worked with Kristi while she did some Practicum assignments related to Special Education. As a School Psychologist, Kristi interacted with me to learn more about learning disabilities and other conditions that can cause students to struggle at school and how to help accommodate these students. She showed a genuine desire to help all students and has a good heart for this kind of work. She was always punctual and professional. Kristi is also knowledgeable about the needs and development of children, especially with regard to managing difficult behaviors and teaching positive ones. Kristi empathized with students and their families and really wanted to make positive differences in the lives of the kids she worked with. She seemed to naturally interact well with children and was always very cheerful and energetic.

Patrick Z Colleague


Apr 23rd, 2015

Kristi is a dependable, kindhearted person who is warm and very professional. She puts her heart into everything she does and is great with children.

Sharon R Mom


Apr 27,2015

Kristi is a great caregiver! She really engages my 6 year old daughter and goes out of her way to keep my 10 year old son with special needs included and constructively occupied. She is also very upbeat and professional and has much enthusiasm for my children and her job.