About Kristi DeFrancisis

Passionate About Helping Families

My name is Kristi DeFrancisis, and I have a passion for helping families navigate behavioral issues. Behavioral issues can form a wedge in our most important relationships, but with some direction and hard work, even the most difficult of these can be remedied!  I've dedicated much of my life to discovering the best ways to navigate these troubles, and I want to share my experience with you and your loved ones! 

I have worked in the field of behavior for over thirteen years, honing my skills and expanding my knowledge to ensure I have the most up-to-date information available.  In this time, I have worked with so many clients and I have gained experience with many varying diagnoses.  I have learned that oftentimes, the thing we need most is a clear path to take on our road to better ourselves.  My goal is to provide each of my clients with the tools, knowledge, and practices they require to facilitate the changes they desire in their lives.  Personal growth and change are often difficult, but they can be achieved!  Sometimes all it takes is asking for help.



  • M.S. in Special Education
  • B.A. in Early Childhood Special Education


  • M.S. with an emphasis on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Over a decade of experience in 1:1 and group settings with both atypical and neurotypical clients
  • Trained in varying crisis intervention strategies and de-escalation practices
  • Experienced with varying diagnoses including Learning Disabilities, Autism, Down Syndrome, Non-Verbal Learning Disorders, MD, Aggression, Emotional Disturbance, ODD, and many more.