Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Consulting

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IEP is a document written for each child who qualifies for special education.

It describes your child's goals and the special services and accommodations your child will get to meet their unique educational needs. It is a legal contract between you and the school, under the IDEA law.  Parents and guardians should be part of the team that writes this.

IDEA - The federal law that gives children with disabilities the right to have "equal access" to a "free and appropriate" education.  It requires public schools to give them the services they need to meet their own educational goals.

FAPE (Free and Appropriate Education) - This is every child’s right, even if they need special services to get what they need.  The Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) guarantees that all students ages 3 to 22 can get a free public education that meets their needs. They have a right to fully take part in all areas of school life, including after-school activities. What is “appropriate” for each child will be different understanding that each child has unique needs. But it means more than just getting by, every child's education should challenge them to the best of their abilities, and not focus on their challenges. 

One of the services that I offer is to help participate in the creation, implementation, and modification of your child’s IEP.  Allow me to use my expertise to help you ensure that the language used in this document truly translates to effective help for your child.  It is important, and legally required, that your child’s needs are met in the public school system.  Sadly, many children’s needs do not get met because they are poorly outlined in their IEP, if they are outlined at all.  The first step to ensuring your child gets the accommodations and modifications they need is to ensure that these are adequately and clearly described in their IEP.