Individualized Service Plan (ISP) Consulting

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ISP - Also known as an "Individual Service Plan", or an "Instructional Service Plan"

Private schools are not legally required to provide accommodations or special education to students with special needs. However, some private schools still choose to provide these services, utilizing a student's ISP to guide them. In these instances, it is important for your child to have a personalized ISP that clearly outlines the accommodations they need in order to help them best succeed in their environment.

One of the services that I offer is to help participate in the creation, implementation, and modification of your child's ISP. Allow me to use my expertise to help you ensure that the language used in this document truly translates to effective help for your child. It is important, and legally required, that your child's needs are met in the private school system. Sadly, many children's needs do not get met because they are poorly outlined in their ISP, if they are outlined at all. The first step to ensuring your child gets the accommodations and modifications they need is to ensure that these are adequately and clearly described in their ISP.